Eat Clean Challenge: Meal Plan

In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s post in which I introduced my Eat Clean Challenge.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I started planning my meals for this week by listing all of the types of food I can eat and then meals I can make with those foods. I then made my weekly meal chart of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Here’s what my week looks like:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Monday oatmeal & smoothie omelette and beets soup & ezekiel bread soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts
Tuesday oatmeal & smoothie baked sweet potato & soup burrito bowls soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts
Wednesday oatmeal & smoothie burrito bowls soup & ezekiel bread soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts
Thursday oatmeal & smoothie ezekiel bread, hummus, carrots, portobello mushrooms & brussels sprouts roasted root vegetables and eggs soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts
Friday oatmeal & smoothie soup & ezekiel bread spaghetti squash with grilled eggplant and homemade marinara sauce soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts
Saturday oatmeal & smoothie ezekiel bread, hummus, and vegetables Birthday Party! soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts
Sunday oatmeal & smoothie omelette & roasted sweet potato portobello mushroom “steaks”, roasted baby potatoes, & steamed broccoli soy yogurt, raspberries, nuts

I’m looking forward to all of my meals as much as I am every week. I know I won’t feel hungry or deprived, and I’m not worried about missing alcohol, caffeine, or meat, but I am wondering how strong my cravings for sugar and bread (mmmm, bread) will be. I love carbs. Oh, and those breakfasts and snacks are all the same because that’s what I almost always eat for breakfast and snacks, not because this diet is so restrictive!

There are three exceptions to my no processed foods/refined sugars rule: almond milk (processed), soy yogurt (processed, sugar), and the mention of my birthday.
I decided to include unsweetened almond milk because it’s a good source of calcium and a big part of my healthy breakfast. The yogurt is something I already have and I don’t want it to go bad, so I’m including it. I won’t buy more if I run out before my challenge ends, because it has quite a bit of sugar. I’m having a party on Saturday night and will be having drinks, snacks, and cake. I considered waiting until after my birthday party to start my challenge, but once I get an idea in my head, I get impatient. I don’t think that these small additions will hamper my efforts, though.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of my meals and an update on how I’m feeling!

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