I am so sore! Wow. I will have to deviate from my plan a bit this week, as apparently my muscles atrophied during my stint as an elliptical addict and doing strength training pissed them off. Today will be a rest day, not a strength training day as planned. The good thing is that before long, I know I will be able to strength train without such dire consequences, it’s just a matter of whipping my muscles into shape.

Despite the fact that I’m sure my soreness was increased by my run yesterday (along with my hunger–seriously, I’m ravenous and the run is the only explanation I can come up with), I am so thankful I did it, because check this out:

WHAT?!?! Winter is really having trouble letting go, isn’t she? Part of me is convinced that this is an elaborate April Fool’s joke/conspiracy between the Weather Channel and major news outlets such as ABC, who have been reporting this storm. I like to think of myself as a pretty good trickster (ask Dan), so I would really appreciate that joke.

I have stranded myself in town today (We live a few miles outside of town. Dan and I share a car, and I made him drop me off on his way to work) in the hopes of getting massive amounts of school work done, but I’m having such a hard time staying focused. The truth is that the assignments that I have to do right now are overwhelming me (a big research paper, three chapters to read for music class, a big-ish paper for Anthro…gah!), and I’m not that eager to do any of them. Sometimes I like the work I have to do, but not this week.
On top of that I’ve been struggling ever since I got accepted to New Paltz; I worked my butt off to get high grades so I could get into a good school, now that that’s happened, it’s not as urgent that I go above and beyond. B’s will be fine. I’d rather lie in bed all day watching TV on Netflix than read my head off and then write about it. My new cavalier attitude towards school can be exemplified by these two exerpts from response papers in my Children’s Lit class:

On the book ttfn:

“Since we can’t go back in time and prevent this horrible series from ever existing…”

And then on A Day No Pigs Would Die:

“I would rather read ttfn ten times in a row than ever have read A Day No Pigs                    Would Die.”

At least I amuse myself.

I am going to try to get some work done now, despite the following obstacles: a seemingly mentally unbalance pacing man and a woman who keeps getting phone calls, of which I can hear both her and the caller clearly. We’ll see what other treats the library has for me today. I don’t understand why the librarians don’t shush people who are being loud and rude. Isn’t that the best part of being a librarian? Sheesh.





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