Fitness Plan

After spending some time thinking about how much I look forward to and enjoy my hour on the elliptical each Wednesday, I have decided that perhaps adding more structure to my weekly workouts would make me enjoy all of them more. I also recognize that I need to reincorporate variety–namely, strength training–into my week. So here’s my new weekly plan:
Monday-30 minutes on the elliptical or 30 minutes running outside (soon, I hope!)
Tuesday-Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones (more on that later)
Wednesday-60 minutes on the elliptical
Thursday-No More Trouble Zones
Friday-30 minutes on the elliptical or 30 minutes running outside
Saturday-Dan and I often go on long walks on Saturdays, but if we don’t, I’m going to enjoy my day of rest
Sunday-No exercise because I’m always too tired after working at the coffee shop all day.

I’m allowing for some modification–for example, tomorrow it’s supposed to be 50˚ and sunny, so I’m planning on doing a 30 minute outdoor run tomorrow and saving my 60 minute elliptical workout for Friday. I also might bump up my time exercising on Mondays and Fridays, I’m just starting easy to make sure I don’t get burnt out or injured. I feel like overall, this is a much more well-rounded fitness plan than just randomly hopping on the elliptical several days a week for an unplanned amount of time. Exercise is so mental; if I plan to do it for 60 minutes, I can, but if I don’t make a plan, I feel like I physically must stop at around 40 minutes.
It’s only Tuesday, but having this solid plan has really helped my attitude towards exercise so far. Both yesterday and today, I looked forward to my workouts. Rather than thinking, “I should exercise tomorrow” I was thinking, “I’m doing 30 minutes on the elliptical tomorrow!”

Today I was really excited to try out No More Trouble Zones, which I picked up at Target last week. Along with it, I got some 5lb weights, as when I was doing 30 Day Shred and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism regularly, my 3 pounders were feeling really light. Rather than focusing on cardio, NMTZ focuses on sculpting, and will definitely help me build some lean muscle mass.
I’ve definitely lost some strength with my elliptical addiction, and about 20 seconds after I started NMTZ, I switched back to my 3lb weights. As usual, Jillian Michaels is totally insane and made me want to cry and puke all at once. I actually stopped after 30 minutes because I don’t want to be completely immobile tomorrow. I got through the warmup and first four circuits. Yikes. The thing that I like about Jillian Michaels is that there are some repeat moves on all of her DVDs, but there are also new exercises on each one so none of the DVDs are redundant. I really like NMTZ, and by that I mean I hated it while I was doing it because it was so hard but I am sure it will really help me build some muscle. I’ll post another review once I’ve done the entire DVD (probably on Thursday).

Now I must find something to eat for lunch and then try to focus on my homework, which I haven’t had much luck with so far today. I’m a little bit distracted by my plan for dinner tonight: Strawberry Chocolate Chip Multigrain Pancakes! I’ll post the recipe soon :).

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