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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Mixed Grain Pancakes

Say that five times fast 🙂 Dan and I only have breakfast together once a week, on Saturday mornings, so I have gotten into the habit of making pancakes for us. Each week I make them slightly different, and last … Continue reading

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I am so sore! Wow. I will have to deviate from my plan a bit this week, as apparently my muscles atrophied during my stint as an elliptical addict and doing strength training pissed them off. Today will be a … Continue reading

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First Run Of The Year

Okay, technically I’ve run this year, but I gave up early, in January if memory serves, in favor of the elliptical. Today was my first run of Spring, and I’ve been looking forward to it all week because the forecast … Continue reading

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Fitness Plan

After spending some time thinking about how much I look forward to and enjoy my hour on the elliptical each Wednesday, I have decided that perhaps adding more structure to my weekly workouts would make me enjoy all of them … Continue reading

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Every time I go to the grocery store, I make sure to swing by the yogurt section. As I mentioned before, I am looking for a Silk Live! soy yogurt. I had it once and like it much better than … Continue reading

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Domestic Wonder

Thankfully I feel much better today than I did yesterday. I no longer feel nauseous, just really dehydrated. I have a headache and my whole body feels sore. I don’t think a run is in the cards for me today, unfortunately. … Continue reading

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As I mentioned in my last post, I headed out for a girl’s night at a newish sushi restaurant last night. The restaurant was really cute, the food was delicious (I went with shrimp & veggie tempura), and we had … Continue reading

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