Indoor BBQ

To make it through another frigid February weekend, Dan and I had an indoor BBQ. This was the reality of the winter situation:

We bought a cheap grill last spring, and it barely lasted the entire summer. There was no easy way to empty the ashes out, and we did nothing to prevent it from getting wet in the rain, so the bottom where you lay the charcoal got really rusty. The last time I used it, I noticed the outside of the bottom was glowing orange, so that was the last time we used that little guy. We kept meaning to bring it to the recycling center and forgetting, and now he is buried under mucho snow.

Buried grills aside, thanks to the wonders of the indoor gill, we were able to have this delicious summery meal:

We had turkey burgers on potato rolls with spinach, tomato, and onion, deviled eggs, baked beans, and what was essentially guacamole: avocado, tomato, onion, and lime. I originally wanted to have a gin & tonic, which is my favorite summer drink, but I didn’t want to get drunk (I rarely drink anymore and my tolerance is low!) so I stuck with a beer:

Before and after dinner, Dan and I put together my new elliptical! Hooray! I mentioned before that I have wanted to get one for a long time now, and as the wind chill lingered in the teens for many days, I researched more and more. I found one that was less than $300 and had tons of good reviews. I’m really happy with it so far. I tried out out for about 15 minutes on Friday night, then I did just over 20 minutes on Saturday, and about 35 minutes today. I’m guessing that I’m using different muscles than when I run, because it’s hard! I’m still planning on running outside when the weather allows (it is 50Ėš right now, but we’re under a wind advisory, so I was thankful for the elliptical this morning), but this will be good for super cold and super hot days, plus variety is always welcome. Also, it’s nice to be able to put something on the tv or queue up something on netflix while I work out–the distraction is very helpful when I start to get bored!

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2 Responses to Indoor BBQ

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ooh, I’ve been looking at ellipticals too. What did you end up with? Is it awesome? šŸ™‚

    • Lindsay says:

      I got the Gold’s Gym Sidetrainer 380. I really like it! It was easy (albeit time consuming) to put together, and it seems sturdy. I’ll be writing a post about it soon!

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