Dusting Off 30 Day Shred

I haven’t done 30DS in weeks because I’ve been running and doing Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism (confession, I can never remember what it’s called. I’m pretty sure I’ve called it Blast Fat, Burn Fat, and probably a plethora of other names) instead. I checked the weather this morning and it said -3˚F, and I knew I wouldn’t be going out for a run today. Dan and I have a long walk planned when he gets off work (it should be about 30˚ by then! Heat wave!), and my legs are sore from back to back BFBM plus shoveling, but I wanted to do something earlier in the day because I was having a hard time focusing on my school work, and also, I couldn’t get the image of this out of my head:

That, myfriends, is the best egg sandwich in town. It hails from Post Time Deli (formerly Kelly’s Deli), which is thankfully near me so I can go there even without a car. What we have here is two fried eggs and a slice of american cheese on a hard roll. I realize it doesn’t sound like much, but I can’t explain how good it is.

I supplemented my nutrient-less sandwich with a smoothie:

Which contained 1 cup of almond milk, one ripe banana, and 3 or so frozen strawberries.

So, I wanted to do some sort of exercise to balance this naughty lunch. I decided to break out 30DS level 1, because I haven’t done that level in months and I figured it would be easy enough to not seriously hurt my sore muscles, but hard enough to burn some calories. I also wanted to use weights again, as they aren’t required for BFBM, and I just want to get so strong!

It was nice to break out level 1 again, I’d forgotten how hard it actually is. I usually do level 3, so some different muscles were being worked out today than I’m used to and I was feeling it. I was also reminded that I need to pick up some 5lb weights, as I’ve become too strong for my little 3lb-ers. It’s encouraging to see how much stronger I am than the first time I used 30DS, but the workout is pretty versatile so I could push myself and break a sweat. After doing BFBM, which is about 45 minutes long, the 20 minute workout flew by, which was a relief!

Okay, okay, back to work.

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