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>Exercise Champion

>Yesterday I was kind of overwhelmed with school work. I sensed that my growing stress would be helped by exercise of some sort, but I felt like I didn’t have time before class to get all my work done and … Continue reading

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> There’s nothing I love more than a good stir-fry. It’s a great way to use up a bunch of vegetables that are in the winter of their lives. Although it’s kind of time consuming to chop all the veggies … Continue reading

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>In the Words of Liz Lemon: Blarg

>I always have post-awesome-run anxiety. When I reach or surpass a goal, I feel elated for a little while and then the dread sets in: what if I suck on my next run? What if it was a fluke? Then … Continue reading

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>Instead of Running…

>I haven’t had a chance to run since my super victory on Wednesday. Thursday was spent at the hospital with a family emergency, and Friday was spent cleaning. I planned on running, but got kind of carried away and it … Continue reading

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>Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage

>I went a little pasta crazy last weekend, which is unusual for me because I don’t really like pasta that much. But the idea of making butternut squash ravioli got in my head and wouldn’t leave, so I decided to … Continue reading

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>Last night I signed up for my first 5K. I will be running Saratoga’s annual First Night race on new year’s eve. To demonstrate how amazing this actually is, let me paint a picture of me last new year’s eve: … Continue reading

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>Guess who’s awesome? ME!! I woke up a little bit early this morning, and the thought of this paper that I have to write which is due tonight was looming over my head. I was thinking that I hoped I … Continue reading

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