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>I just ran again for the first time since I sprained my ankle. Well, I ran one other time, last monday, but I had to cut the run short because my ankle hurt. This time I braced my ankle and … Continue reading

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>winter doldrums

>I’m creeping up on nearly a week without a run. My overconfidence in my body’s ability to heal itself from injury or illness always leads to massive frustration. I couldn’t really walk on Thursday or Friday, I was super gimpy. … Continue reading

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>My schedule yesterday caused my run to happen during the snowstorm we got. There were a couple of inches of fresh snow on the ground, which in my mind was going to be soft and cushiony for my joints. What … Continue reading

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>Sunday was dance flurry in Saratoga, meaning tons of assholes were in town, and they were real hungry. Work would have kicked my ass had it not been declared positive day. Still, I moved almost non-stop for about 8 hours … Continue reading

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>I thought I’d be running a marathon by now!

>I was feeling a little discouraged after my run today. I am noticing tiny improvements, like when I get to a spot where I normally have to stop and walk to catch my breath, but I just keep going (I … Continue reading

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>personal pep talk

>Here is a list of why this semester sucks: 1) My US history to 1877 class. This is a class that I would not choose for myself if it wasn’t required. I tried to get into US history 1877-present, which … Continue reading

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>I think I’m a runner?

>So I’ve started this new health & fitness regime. When I worked full time at UG, I was pretty strong. Now that I’m only there twice a week, and I spend almost every other moment sitting in front of a … Continue reading

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